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Related article: Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 21:25:44 EDT
From: LissaAGreenaol.com
Subject: A Family Fuck Fest 4 Bi Incest WS ScatA Family Fuck Fest 4
Author: Melissa Allan
Screen name: Lissa A Green
catagory: Bi InsestA Word From The Author: if you like the thought of eating shit or drinking
piss you'll like this chapter also the subject of shil molesting comes up if
you don't like these subject, skip this chapter That tight russian lolita pussy evening my grandfather joined us at the dinner table along with my
little brother. Both looked so yummy and delicious it was all I could be shove
my food down my throat so I could shove something else down there. "Do you like them grandpa?" asked Jackie. She had just unbuttoned her
shirt beucase grandpa requested to see his grandaughters big tits. "Oh my little princess I love them! Jack you must get a mouthful ont
hese!" "I do, and handful, go ahead Al, touch them." 'Yeah grandpa touch them, pinch the nipples. I love that!" Jackie pushed her tits out for grandpa to see them, his fingers ran along
the side of her huge tits and started pinching the nipples. "God they are so bueatiful! I have to suck them!" "Yes please suck them!" "Dad not at the dinner table please, lets just eat so we can play after." "Nancy don't be jealous. i want to play with your boobs too, but i have
to taste these!" "Shit grandpa your making me hard just suck them already!" "Cody!" "I'm sorry I'm just so hard and I cant eat when I'm this way!" "Fine If I take care of that and granpa can play with Jackie's tites then
can we finish our meal?" "Yes mom anything just please suck me off!" With that my shorts were off in an instant and my hard cock was in my
moms mouth where ti should be. Grandpa placed Jackie's let tit in his mouth
and began to suck it. I can tell dad was getting pedo rape kiddie loltia hot during this show and i saw him jacking his
tool off. Davey also saw this and took pedo rape kiddie loltia as a cue to go down on him. Davey has just been learning how to suck dick and swallow cum. Whichw as
why he was staying with grandpa for while in the first place so he can teach
him more. Soon my hard cock began to ooze out the cream that made me and my
siblings and my moms swallowed it all, dad soon came after I did right into
Davey's mouth, but he couldn't swallow it all yet and most of it ran down his
chin. Grandpa stopped chewing on Jackie's tites and we rushed back to eating. I never seen my family eat so fast as we did that night. After dinner mom let us all get undressed, of course she didn't have much
choice, I couldn't be in those shorts anymore against my hard cock and
Jackie's nipples needed air. "Let's watch one of the movies free sexy lolita websites I rented for us!" announced mom. I
grounded. I was pryaing it wasn't some fucking Disney movie. "Don't worry Cody you'll like this, I pick it out specially for the theme, "Thank Christ!" My cock began to hurt some pedo rape kiddie loltia so I decided to jack it off. I loved doing
that in front of my family. My grandpa was noticing this and came over to lay near me. "Got a big prick there son." "You To Grandad." "Must be hard to jack it by yourself." "Hell ya, want to do it for me?!" "Fuck ya! Give me that poll stick!" The movie hardly started, but I herd a lot of moaning, I looked back to
see Davey's face buried in Jackie's hairy bush, mom and dad were making out
and feeling each other on the couch. I couldn't see much what the movie was about cuz I was too busy. but i
knew it was a porno with all the naked dudes and babes running around or was
that my living room? Anyways I was feeling really good with my cock in my grandpa mouth when I
felt that I had to pee. "Grandad, I gotta piss!" Isaid and pulled out fast. But he grabed me hard. "Don't fucking go anyways! Give me that cock back I wasn't done yet!" "But i gotta piss badly!" "So what piss in this toilet instead! Come on prick sucker don't act like
you never did it with your dad! No piss damnit!" "I was a little nervous by his tone but I didn't make any more escapes
either, I put my cock back in his mouth and let mys tream go. "It's gonna be a lot, but you asked for it now take it!" "Don't let that piss get ont he floor Cody Jacob Downey!" "Shut up mom go back to sucking off dad, besides grandad will clean it up
if I do, won't you?" "Oh yeah son, mmm more piss please!" "Got more for ya!" I finished pissing in his mouth, it was a hot scene. But I felt a familar
feeling in my ass. I had to shit. "Okay, now i really got go!" "Get back here let me suck you!" "Grandpa it was hot watching you drink my piss but i gotta shit badly! I
know you want that." "Bull shit I don't! Get over here!" "Wait I'm putting a towel on the floor for this!" said my mom. My mother laid a towel under my asshole, the sex scene stopped and all
eyes were focused on me. I squatted down and felt my ass spread. Grandpa laid his head under my butt and I felt his tounge in my hole. "Oh my God he's really gonna shit!" I felt the shit coming out of my ass. I could tell it was gonna be a big
one. I didn't want my grandpa this time. He stopped me so he's gonna eat it! The huge turd pooped out and landed where it should on in my grandpa's
mouth! "Fuck I never saw someone eat shit like that before!" said Jackie. Grandpa was shoving the rest in like it was a piece of cake and licking
his fingers. "Delicious hot and spicey! Well guys I guess you found out one of my dirty
secrets. I like to eat shit. I love drinking hot piss so if any of you have
to go while I'm staying please feel free to use my dirty toilet mouth." "Dad when did you start that?" asked my mom. "You learn a lot on that internet. I read stories, I wrote a bunch of
them, my first try at it was at a fetish club that I belong to. Plus I tried
it at some adult parties. You know Nancy you and jAck should host one top cp lolita pics of
those sometimes. You have a big house, hot sex crazed kids." "Kids at an adult party?! Won't we get found out?!" "That's the point Nance, if you like I can run an add on the computer
that you looking for a bunch of hot party goingers who are interested in
dirty wild sex. What do you say?" "I think it will be a family discusion, but I like the idea!" Of course i loved the idea myself, but I was getting to tired to say
anything, plus my cock was shrinking down to normal. "Looks like these guys had enough for tonight." said my dad. I was falling a sleep in my grandpas' arms, I could feel his old slimey
cock against my back. Jackei and davey fell asleep on the couch, davey bhad
his little fingers deep in her cunt "Are kids look so sweet!" said my mom. "Yeah, look Jackie's cunt is still wet!" I have to eat her out. let me
take her." My dad scooped japanese bbs preteen lolitas up Jackie and went to put ehr to bed. "Dad, you take Cody, I'll hande this guy, then we can play some, that is
if your not to tired." "never to tired for that fat ass of yours!" "Daddy? I'm not tired really." "Don't worry Jackie, you can play more tomorrow, do you like my fingers
down ther?" "You know I do dad, will you finger me to bed? Davey was good, but he
didn't bring me off." "You got it baby girl. My you sure are daddie's slut aren't you." "Yes daddie, my cunt's all for you!' "It's so wet, I'm going to suck it for you." Dad went down on Jackie's hair bush and licked ehr pussy lips Grandpa laid my down on my bed and tucked me in. I was half awake. "Gandpa?" "Yes?" "Will free pics lolita pussy you play with my ass?" "Anything for my little shtpusher." My grandpa put two fingers inside my ass and began two finger me. I could
hear the noise it was making, must still tight russian lolita pussy
be full of shit. He got the hint and
licked my hole clean. "Delicious Cody! Good night son." "Good night." He turned off my light and shut my door, I soon fast asleep. "Jack, you got three fucking hot kids in there." "I know Al. I can't believe this isn't normal for families. It sure beats
fucking one cunt." japanese bbs preteen lolitas 'hell yeah, or one cock." "Hay Al can I go down on you? I haven't tasted your huge dong since my
wedding." "You really should show those tapes to the kids." "I will, but I want a replay of it NOW! I had pussy all nigth I want some
cock!" "It's your you fucker! Suck right here, right in your son's doorway. Fuck
yeah JAck suck it good! Take the hole fucker!" Hearing this from outside my door got me all hard. I knew I was gonna be
up all night taking care of that boner. Thanks a lot grandpa! "Thanks Al I neded to get that out of my system! Look 'm gonna go to bed,
why don't you and Nancy play together. I know she wanted to feel your huge
ding in her cunt hole. I got it extra wet for you." "Thanks Jack, sleep well." "wi'll do, by the way, what time do you wake in the morning?" "Six usualy. but that's when I'm at the farm, I'll wake up when you guys
do." "Okay, I'll have a surprise in between your legs tomorrow. morning." "Bigger then this?" grandpa asked grabbing his cock "Nothing is bigginer then that tool!" My dad went to bed and my grandpa wen into the living room to finish
watching the movie, he was soon hard again. "Nancy? you cuming?" "Yes daddy, just tucking davey in." "Bout time woman, what the hell took yo so long?" "davey can't sleep unless I suck his balls." "Ah yes, that lolitas goticas rubias guapas hot cock sucker, I think it was an excuse to stay up
longer." "Nah, I didn't have to suck for to long, he fell asleep soon." "You wanna suck a bigger sack?" "Hell ya! got one?" "Why don't you get on your fucking hands and knees bitch where you belong
and find out!" "I love it when you preteens lola lolita sex
talk nast to me!" "Shut up bitch, find anything you like?" "I found a lot of things i like!" "Play with my balls!" Grandpa scooted down so his asshole was on the edge of the couch. "Remember you used to do this for me when I got home from work?" "Yes daddy, You were all hot and sweaty from working out in the fields
and you were so sweet to let me play with your balls." 'yes I was. but they weren't sweet where they bitch?" "No, they were sweaty and they stank!" "Sniff them!" "Oh daddy they still smell bad! I love them though, so little lolita preteens models hairy and huge
like golf balls!" "Suck them then!" "Yes sir!" "NAncy, why don't you drag that towel over here, taiwan lolita free gallery
just in case." 'In case of what daddy?" "I might feel a shit cuming on I don't want it to stain your floor." "Can I watch you shit? I was so hot watching Cody do it! Please?" "Maybe, if your a good girl finish sucking my balls." "Yes sir. would you like your ass sucked?" 'Not yet, back to work. Fuck Nancy, this is one fucking orno you got! How
did you get this out of the store without questioning?" "I know the owner, I had to give hima blowjob, i give him one each tiem
I rent dirty movies, he knows I'm a slut and he let's me have it half price
if I blow him." "Does Jack know this?" "Of course." "Godo Bitch, You can be a slut, but don't go behind your familie's back
and screw someone, there's no point in that." "Of course daddy. I was a slut since I was young daddy." "I knwo dear, you and Michelle. oth caught you two fingering your holes
when you were seven! I had to bring the prist by to have an exsosist spell,
but he made you suck him off." "Father Brinkly was a big child molester back then daddy." "I knew that. He always came in the local tavern and bragged how many
bare pussies and young cocks he sucked off." "Is that way you had him cum over?" "Of course, I knew you wanted cock, but I couldn't give it to you, but
after all the time he put in fucking you and your sister I couldn't help it
anymore, I had to shove my cock in your holes." 'Thank you for that daddy." "Now it's a family tradition, you have three fuckers of your own,
Michelle is riasing April on her own. We should have them over soon." "I'll call her tomorrow if you like daddy." "Good slut, you finish sucking down there, I feel a huge turd coming,
still want to watch?!" YES daddy please!" "Okay here it cums!" grandpa moaned and groaned, he pushed and pushed, my
mom put her fingers in grandpa's ass to help witht he pushing. Soon grandpa
let out a big moan and his turd fell on the towel. "That's fucking awsome daddy!" "Lick the messoff your fingers slut and throw the towel away." "Yes sir!" She did as she was told and licked her fingers clean. She picked the
towel up and threw it in the trash. "I'm going to bed slut, I'll fuck ya tomorrow, I'm tired and drianed." "But daddy, my pussy is so wet!" "Keep it wet then whore. I'm going to bed. night! And turn that fucking
movie off! go to bed!" My mom did as she was told, the movie was off and they both went to bed.

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